Compiler - a Parser Generator Program

CPG is an application for specifying formal language grammars and computing, generating, and simulating the corresponding automatons.   It has features which significantly extend those of the lex/yacc and flex/bison tools available on UNIX and Linux operating systems.

Version 2.1

The version 2.1 release is an update of the software to support new versions of the Trolltech Qt library and GNU C++ compiler.  There is also a new distribution for Windows XP.  The update relies on the Qt3Support Module for the GUI program.  The programs have been developed and tested using Qt 4.x.x and GNU C++ 4.x.x versions of libraries and tools.

There are a number of GUI restrictions and differences that remain until a full conversion to the Qt4 interface can be completed:
The command line program is functionally unchanged.

New features have been added to the parser drivers to support C preprocessor style conditional compilation and file inclusion mechanisms directly in the lexical stage.  An example included demonstrates the features and can be used generically for new applications.




Version 2.0





GNU General Public License

Some program screen images.

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